N Balance Physical Therapy

Dr. Nancy Cano, PT, DPT, has 18 years experience in orthopedic manual therapy.  She finds and treats the root cause of musculoskeletal pain. A balanced approach of both manual therapy and movement strategies are used to maximize the patient's success. Whether it's a new injury or a chronic pain, we can help.


Jessica Metts, Rockwall Lymphatics

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Rockwall Acupuncture

Rockwall Acupuncture provides treatment for a wide variety of conditions, disorders and diseases. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are modalities of one of the world's oldest, continually practiced medicine.  Kathy Wanderer, R.N., L.Ac., MSOM, is licensed by the Texas Medical Board and holds Diplomate in Acupuncture and Herbology.  www.rockwallacupuncture.com

Cathy Lemmon

Dawn of a New Dance

Sandy Anthony, Owner & Instructor.  Sandy is an Energy Coach, Healing Facilitator, and Magical Movement Instructor.  She can help you harmonize and balance any area of your life, using energy to move past blocks and tap into your unlimited potential. Sandy uses various techniques to optimize energy & movement to come into vibrational alignment. Experience energetic bliss for the body, mind, and soul. Life is a Dance…be the BEST VERSION of you!​  www.dawnofanewdance.com

Grace Imburgia

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Dawn of a New Dance
Body Synergie
Stefania Molinari, Stef's Therapeutic Bodywork, Rockwall, TX
Defy Your Genetics

Defy Your Genetics wellness coaching works with both individual and corporate clients to establish realistic, sustainable and long-lasting lifestyle changes that provide results far greater than merely dropping a few dress sizes. Healthy..... It's easy. Schedule your free consultation today and let me show you how.

Email: michellethehealthcoach@gmail.com

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Saturday, May 5th, 10:00 - 2:00

11th Annual Holistic Health Fair

Sponsored by the Rockwall Holistic Practitioners Network and The City of Rockwall Parks & Recreation

Michelle Domineque
Kathy Wanderer, Rockwall Acupuncture
Brilliant Expansion

Creating a uniquely blended plan for balanced, vibrant wellness in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems.  Using effective coaching practices, such as Reiki, sound healing, NLP, Aromatherapy, massage and more.


Rockwall Lymphatics

Enhances the release of toxins through the lymphatic system with vibrational energies. The treatment opens up the lymphatic system cleansing channels to amplify the body's natural detoxification and decongestion systems. This works more efficiently and deeper than manual lymph drainage techniques alone. We detox for breast health, pain conditions, immunity, hormones, post-operative, injury rehab, aging skin and more.


Jessica Metts, Rockwall Lymphatics
Brandy Prince, Evexias Medical

Body Synergie

​​Body Synergie offers tai chi and different types of yoga for people of all ages, sizes and levels of physicality.  Mats, towels and props are provided in a comfortable, non-judgmental space.  Body work includes Rolfing and Craniosacral Therapy to help realign the body and support a pain-free life.  


Rockwall Health Center

Sean Jamalabadi, D.C., A.C.N.

We help as many people of the community to achieve a vital and optimum health through education and natural means, without drugs and surgeries.


Cris Stone, Rockwall Pilates

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Well Within Chiropractic & Wellness

Dayle Lattie, Psy.D.

​​Dr. Dayle Lattie is an experienced, licensed clinical psychologist offering psychotherapy, psychological assessment and consulting services.  She will work with you from a wellness perspective, which will empower you to achieve a balance in taking care of your mind, body and emotions, so that you can achieve your full potential.


Stefs Therapeutic Bodywork

Helping people perform better is a passion for me.  Aches and pains? Complicated pain conditions? Injuries? Stef's Orthopedic Bodywork goal is to permanently improve dysfunctional patterns to get people pain-free and enhance athletic performance.  Soft tissue restrictions are powerful and create a lot of pain, yet are fortunately easy to improve with my approach. 


Balanced Newtrition

Providing space to relax and transform. Using massage, Quantum Biofeedback, nutritional education, Foster EFT and other holistic modalities to shift awareness, increase consciousness and demonstrating greater potential and possibilities.  Where consciousness goes, we must grow.


Evexias Medical

We are the premiere provider of life changing technologies for people experiencing changes in life.  As we age, hormone levels naturally decline and sexual dysfunction, weight gain, energy loss and pre-mature aging result. If you’re frustrated with traditional approaches to hormone replacement therapy – daily treatments with roller coaster results – it’s time for a change.  www.evexiasmedical.com

Well Within Chiropractic & Wellness

We focus on bringing hope to the hopeless. Ideal patients are those struggling with answers given by traditional medicine. We use holistic chiropractic, nutrition response testing and needle-less allergy testing. Drs. Wabomnor and Knuckles are only 2 of 11 Certified NET practitioners and Quantum Neurology trained doctors in the entire DFW metroplex.   www.wellwithinrockwall.com

Meet Our Member Practitioners!

Wellness Medicine

Maxine J. Thomas, MD.  21st Century Holistic Medicine. Get to the root of your health issues by understanding how Body, Mind and Spirit each play a roel in manifesting health or disease.  Restore your health by replacing nutrients, removing toxins, while balancing hormones and finding emotional and spiritual balance. 


Dr Maxine Thomas, Wellness Medicine, Greenville, TX
An Hour With Grace

Yoga instructor for 17 years.  Gentle yoga practice, as well as restorative therapeutic private practice.  Small groups also.  Medical qi gong and thai chi. 

972.741.0086 phone

​Email: graceimburgia@yahoo.com

Heather Smothers, Brilliant Expansion

Cris Stone Pilates

Cris Stone specializes in Restorative Pilates.  Her sessions are one-on-one in a private studio and uniquely tailored to each individual's needs. Cris works on releasing tension and aligning the body for optimal movement function.  PIlates is extremely effective at restoring mobility, flexibility and strength for people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. 

Healthy Healing Arts

​​Homeopathy is gentle, complete medicine that has been in use for more than 200 years.  It is based on healing principles that are thousands of years old.  I build healing approaches on an individual basis, using homeopathic means.  I also provide the non-toxic and very effective immunisation option of Homeopathic Prophylaxis.


Rockwall Holistic Practioners network

Rockwall Holistic Practitioners Network

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Dayle Lattie
Nancy Cano, N Balance Physical Therapy, Rockwall TX